Q.About general service

  • What’s Commit Trade.
    It is a system trade that will automatically buy and sell by following trading transactions of excellent traders (signal providers) around the world. In this service you can select trader's trading signal from at least one unit, and it is a new mechanism that can adjust the number of transactions by increasing or decreasing the number while checking the actual transaction result. This service can be used free of charge.

    First, follow your favorite trader and choose the unit. Trader's trading is automatically reflected in your trading account.
  • Do I need to pay a fee or commission?
    No. There are no account opening fee or account maintenance fee. You can use it free of charge.
  • What’s the follower.
    It refers to the person who receives the trading signal. Trader's trading signal is received and automatically reflected in your trading account. To apply for this account, please apply from HERE.
  • What’s the trader.
    It refers to the person who distributes the trading signal. Traders will be paid according to the amount of transactions that followers follow. Traders who have a good performance will be popular among followers because they will be able to check trader's trading results and select traders by follower's judgment. However, in コミトレ, there is a function to "Reverse", you can issue a reverse trade order against a trader's order instruction, which means the losing trader also has a chance to get followers there.
  • What’s the unit.
    The unit means "1 unit = 0.1 Lot = 10,000 currency".
  • Who will operate my account?
    AS followers choose a trader himself, when a trader deals, the trading signal will mechanically be ordered from the account of the follower.
  • Can traders who distribute signals manipulate my account?
    Traders can not access to your trading account directly. Therefore, they will not able to check your personal information, transaction balance etc..
  • Can I check the transaction history?
    Yes. After logging in to My Page, you can check from "transaction history". In addition, by specifying the summary date, you can check the period you want to see. Also, if you click "CSV Download", you can output it to a text file.
  • Is it possible to make a loss of more than the amount of deposit?
    Loss cut is exercised only when deposit money maintenance factor is 100%, there for it will not be the case by principle.However, if the market price moves dramatically in short period of time that the settlement icannot be in effect, in a very rare case, the loss to your deposit amount is possible.In such case, please deposit the loss amount.

Q.About open an account

  • How long can I trade since opening an account?
    It is possible to trade on that day by having all the required identification documents. However, it will possibly be after the next day depending on the payment method you use.
  • Are there an account opening fee or an account maintenance fee?
    No. There are no account opening fee or account maintenance fee. You can use it free of charge.

Q.About various procedures

  • Please tell us about reception time.
    In principle, acceptance processing of various procedures is from 10:00 to 18:00 of Japan time on weekdays.It may be changed during the year-end / New Year's period.
  • I want to change registered information such as address and telephone number.
    Registration information such as address and telephone number can be changed from "check / change registration information" of My page. Depending on the place and part of change, it is necessary to submit official documents etc.
  • I forgot my password.
    Your password will be resend to the registered e-mail address. You can apply for retransmission from "Password Forgotten?" At the bottom of the login screen.

Q.About Deposit and Withdrawal

  • Please tell me how to deposit.
    You can log in to your own personal page, check "Payment request" from the menu on the screen sidebar, and select the payment method you prefer.

    "Bank transfer", "various credit settlement", "Pay-Easy" are available for deposit. The first deposit should more than 30,000 yen ($ 300). In addition, the deposit amount should be more than 10,000 yen ($ 100) and less than 100 million yen ($ 1,000,000) from the second time.

    【Points of concern】
    * Transfer fee of financial institution will be borne by the customer.
    Separately, in the case of bank deposit, it will cost 1,000 yen as a deposit administrative fee at our company.
    Example: When you want to deposit 30,000yen to a コミトレ account.
    31,000 yen (コミトレ 30,000 yen + deposit administrative fee 1,000 yen) and financial institution transfer fee will be charged.
    *It is possible to use credit card mentioned above and Pay-easy settlement for quick deposit.
    *For details about the acceptance time of financial institutions, please check the service details page of each financial institution.
  • Please tell me how to withdraw money.
    You can make a withdrawal request from your personal My page.
    1. Log in to My Page and click "Withdrawal request" from the menu on the screen sidebar.
    2. Enter the amount you would like to withdraw and click the withdrawal method "bank transfer (overseas remittance)".
    3. Confirm the contents on the confirmation screen, click "Make a withdrawal application", and the withdrawal application will be completed.

    【Points of concern】
    ※The minimum amount that can be withdrawn is from30,000 yen ($ 300) ~ , and 1,000 yen is one unit.
    *In case of overseas remittance, a withdrawal fee of 2,500 yen per dispatch request is generated.
    *Separately, fees will be charged by receiving bank and intermediary bank upon receipt.
    Please understand beforehand that fees vary depending on the receiving bank.
    ※Since it will be overseas remittance, you need to enter the information of account which can receive overseas remittance in advance.
    *After accepting withdrawal application, after 10 business days the remittance procedure will be placed, and cash on delivery will be about 3 ~ 5 business days after remittance procedure.
    One of the withdrawal amount, will be within 2 million yen.
    The amount of withdrawal should be within 200 million one day.
    The withdrawal date mentioned is in principle.

Q.About withdrawal from the membership.

  • About Withdrawal from the membership & Close the account
    For account cancellation, please apply from the customer's exclusive My page inquiry form.
    1. Log in to My Page.
    2. In case of following, cancel all the following.
    3. Fill out each item and select "Inquiry content (Inquiry)" for "Withdrawal from the membership & Close the account".
    4. After confirmed the contents, if you can click "send", we will proceed with withdrawal procedure.

    【Points of notes】
    ■ For Customers Holding Position
    If there is a holding position, it will be automatically settled at the time of application for cancellation.

Commit Trade

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Commit Trade

Open an account for free!

Commit Trade

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